What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is ours.

I created my blogs (for men and for women) to help unify the sexes. Let’s make love and not war, and while we’re at it, let’s get better at said lovemaking. I’m neither a feminist nor a misogynist. I simply love both men and women equally, so I felt compelled to give each gender their own blog, which is really way too much work, but here’s why I did it: men and women are different. They will benefit from different advice and desire different content. But my goal with each blog is the same, which is to help men and women live authentic and empowered lives so that they can become better lovers, partners, parents, and humans.

I believe that relationships are the key to happiness and I want to help people be great at them. Great relationships with others begin with a healthy and constructive relationship with yourself, which begins with a strong dedication to be self-aware, own your shit, and constantly strive to improve yourself.

It’s a challenging process and I hope to provide some guidance to make it easier. I believe that this is our ultimate purpose in life: to realize our potential so we can make life better for ourselves and those we love and share the planet with. This will never be accomplished from a place of hate, separation, victimization, or prejudice. You guys, it’s love. I know, cliché and gross, but there it is. We need all the loves- tough love, unconditional love, self love, and sexy time love. Duh, love.