Get More Head

7 Tips To Get More Licks

  1. Keep it clean:

Keep your junk clean, trimmed, and smelling fresh. Don’t expect us to want to go down on you after you just got out of the gym. In fact, our favorite time to go down is right after your shower. In the shower works too.

  1. Go down on her first:

We like to receive oral sex just as much as you do. We also feel a tinge of guilt about how long we need you down there in order to get focused. Take advantage of that by getting us horny for redemption. If you spend the time on us, we will be happy to return the favor.

  1. Don’t be so pushy:

While we may enjoy feeling like a porn star from time to time, we definitely don’t want to feel like a whore. Please don’t push our head or hands onto your cock. We know where it is, and we will get there when we’re good and ready. If you respect us in bed and make us feel safe with you, you’d be surprised at how kinky we can get.

  1. Make her feel like a pro:

Some women may avoid going down on a man because they’re afraid they’re not good at it. There’s a lot of pressure to give amazing blow jobs because we know men love them. Women want to be good at it but don’t always know how and may feel too insecure to try. Encourage her with some affirming moans and phrases like: “Your lips feel so soft and amazing on my cock” and “You’re really good at this, it feels amazing.” If it’s not true, save the feedback for later. For now, boost her ego anyway because we do it for you all the time.

  1. Make her feel in control:

Some women find blowjobs empowering and others may feel submissive while performing fellatio. If you find your woman is apprehensive, you may be able to put some spin on it. If you say something like “getting head makes me feel like I can let go and really lose control,” she’ll be attracted to that power and relish the challenge to make you lose it.

  1. Tell her how hot she is doing it:

One of the biggest concerns for women about sexual performance is how she looks doing it. Getting down on our knees and choking on your cock is not a moment most of us would call our sexiest. We don’t want to look fat, awkward or crude while we bob on your knob, so remind us how amazing our tits look from your view.

  1. Don’t cum in her mouth:

At least not without her permission. Some women may be less inclined to give head out of dread of the finish. If you opt to not cum in her mouth, then you may find she is more eager to go down south in the future. If you’ve found a woman who really loves swallowing your man juice, then congrats, but keep in mind, that may not last.


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