How To Be A Chick Magnet

Good looks will only get you so far. In the beginning, a woman may be seduced by your superficial attributes, but ultimately she will fall in love with your magnetic personality. A chick magnet is a guy who women find intriguing and enchanting. If you are one of these guys, then you may notice that you’re lucky in relationships. If you have the looks, money, and status, but no personality, then you may find it hard to hold onto a good woman. Develop the following six qualities of a chick magnet, and women will find you irresistible.

6 Qualities of a Magnetic Personality


Living authentically means making choices that are consistent with your true self. To do that, you need to know who you are, what you value, and what you want, and then honor that. Sometimes it can be hard to stay true to yourself, because it can be at odds with what family, friends, or society expects of you. But you will never be fully happy until you’re fully you, so be who you are, and stop hanging out with anybody who can’t deal with that.


A man with integrity is honest, respectful, and reliable. He walks the walk, talks the talk, and fucks the fuck (delivers in bed). Integrity is crucial in dating, because it makes women trust you, which in turn makes them feel safe enough to have sex with you on a regular basis. The opposite of a man with integrity is a player who manipulates, lies, or disrespects women.


Confidence comes when you can see all the ways you kind of suck and still know you’re worthy. If you can accept yourself, then you can strive for improvement without feeling insecure. If you need to impress people, defend yourself, or convince women to be with you, then you probably haven’t learned to fully appreciate your strengths and accept your weaknesses. If you think you are God’s gift to women, then you are a narcissist and need to check yourself.


Cheapness is such an unattractive quality that many women find it to be a deal-breaker, and cheapness is not just about being stingy with money. It’s about being withholding of your time, attention, affection, and support. Sharing is a basic requirement in healthy relationships, and generosity is not only the cornerstone of enduringly happy relationships, it’s a huge turn-on for women.


Passion is one of the sexiest qualities a man can have, because it makes you interesting. When you are passionate about your career, it means you are living with purpose and ambition. A man who has a dream and pursues it with vigor and optimism is a man who is invested in and inspired by life. That kind enthusiasm is contagious unless your passion makes you delusional or obsessive, but even that doesn’t deter some women.


Mastery is when you follow through on your passion with self-discipline and commitment. An excellent work ethic is so sexy to women because it shows that you will be a great provider and father. Perfection is not the end goal, but the pursuit of mastery is a journey women will want to be a part of.




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