Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Classic:

Surprise her with a dozen red roses, a box of gourmet chocolates, and a card telling her how much you appreciate and adore her.

The Sexy:

Run a bubble bath for her with flower petals in the tub, relaxing music playing, and candles all around (don’t join her in the bath unless she asks you to). Prep the bed as well with petals, candles, and massage oil on the nightstand (in a pinch, you can warm up the coconut oil in your pantry, but make sure it’s not too hot when you put it on her). Once she is done with her bath, give her a long, relaxing massage with a happy ending. Make this all about her, and not about your needs, got it?

The Playful:

Set up a simple home scavenger hunt. Don’t worry if your place is small, I did this once for my husband when we lived in a studio apartment and it worked great. Print out about 7 4×6 photos of you two together (this can be done quickly at a local drugstore) and write your clue on the back in a romantic way, such as “this is where I cook you your favorite food: chocolate cupcakes” and hide a little gift (like a chocolate cupcake) in the oven with another clue attached.

The Romantic:

Start off the night with some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries while you cook her something delicious. Don’t forget to make something for dessert or at least pick something up (like cupcakes, women love cupcakes). Set the table with flowers and candles and play some romantic music. Once you’re done with dinner, ask her to dance with you to your song.

The Home Run:

Combine all of these gift ideas into one incredible night for your special lady.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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