What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is ours.

I created my blogs (for men and for women) to help unify the sexes. Let’s make love and not war, and while we’re at it, let’s get better at said lovemaking. I’m neither a feminist nor a misogynist. I simply love both men and women equally, so I felt compelled to give each gender their own blog, which is really way too much work, but here’s why I did it: men and women are different. They will benefit from different advice and desire different content. But my goal with each blog is the same, which is to help men and women live authentic and empowered lives so that they can become better lovers, partners, parents, and humans.

I believe that relationships are the key to happiness and I want to help people be great at them. Great relationships with others begin with a healthy and constructive relationship with yourself, which begins with a strong dedication to be self-aware, own your shit, and constantly strive to improve yourself.

It’s a challenging process and I hope to provide some guidance to make it easier. I believe that this is our ultimate purpose in life: to realize our potential so we can make life better for ourselves and those we love and share the planet with. This will never be accomplished from a place of hate, separation, victimization, or prejudice. You guys, it’s love. I know, cliché and gross, but there it is. We need all the loves- tough love, unconditional love, self-love, and sexy time love. Duh, love.

Why I’m For Men

There are not enough women advocating for men these days. It’s a battle of the sexes, and some women have taken to blaming men and the patriarchy for pretty much everything.

This is not helping anyone. Adopting a victimized stance to punish and silence others is a no-win situation. The victim takes on an unhealthy psychological perspective that squashes personal growth, and the accused feels bullied and forced into submission until he also becomes a victim.

If everyone is a victim, who gets to be happy? Where is the self-reliance that builds character and cultivates greatness? And most importantly, where is the love?

Men are our sons, our fathers, our lovers. Men are the providers that work long hours so that a mother can care for her children. Men are the warriors who sacrifice their lives to protect our country and families. Even today with shifting gender roles, men have innate strengths that complement women and are essential to society. Women and men need each other, and we should embrace our differences.

Men are not the enemy, so why are so many women throwing them under the bus? I’m not sure, but I think it’s an interplay of psychological, social, and environmental factors combined with a surge of media attention that is fostering and rewarding victimization. Hopefully, this is a movement that will dissolve naturally.

Until then, here is my advice to men: be supportive of women, but don’t let yourself be bullied. Listen to women, but don’t be silenced. Don’t engage with abusive behavior, and don’t harbor resentment or hatred towards the abusers. Remember that they have their pain and though they may be taking it out on you, it’s not personal. Don’t let the mean girls get to you, because if you respond by being a dick, then the cycle will never end.

And don’t forget that there are still women, like me, who believe in equal rights, respect, and love for both sexes. The cry bullies may have the attention of the media, but they don’t represent all of us. I’ve got your back, guys. And with this blog, I hope to support you in your journey towards becoming the best man you can be. This is why I’m Margot Loren, for men.

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