My 9 New Year’s Resolutions For You in 2019

  1. Invest in real estate. We are due for a recession or at least a dip, so I predict that 2020 and 2021 are going to be good years to buy real estate. There are so many great reasons to add real estate to your portfolio, and renting is a waste of money. So if you don’t own your primary residence, I would start there. For personal finance and investing advice, I’m a big fan of Financial Samurai.
  2. Grow up already. I don’t think young people are launching themselves fast enough. Millennials take too long to leave the nest, establish themselves in a career, get married, and own a home. By the time they are ready to have kids, they are pushing forty and their fertility is declining. I don’t think that the cost of city living is the only culprit to this progressively delayed timeline. I think that a lack of maturity is to blame as well. Kids these days are way too coddled, and that stunts their growth. So unless we want Gen Z to become a bunch of 30-something Peter Pans, everyone just needs to grow the fuck up.
  3. Be the breadwinner. Don’t fall for the feminist propaganda. Men are meant to be providers, and when you’re courting a woman, it’s important to signal that you are willing and able to do that. If you’re on a date with a woman who gets mad at you for offering to pay, then run the other way.
  4. Tend to your male friendships. Men are under attack, so you need each other more than ever. Men need a “safe space” (as young people would say) where it’s ok to be a man, have fun, and bro out. I’m not talking about online communities where you rant about women. I’m talking about good old-fashioned men’s weekends, poker nights, and camping trips. You can join a men’s only club or a men’s sports league. Find a way to stand in solidarity with your brothers and have a good time doing it.
  5. Get in touch with your manliness. Are you a beta male that plays video games and is scared to talk to women? Are you a hipster that never leaves the city? Have you been brainwashed into being a male feminist? Then it’s time to reclaim your inner beast. Even if you’re an alpha, it doesn’t hurt to explore your primal side. Learn how to fight, chop wood, start a fire, hunt, fish, mountaineer, or at least change a tire. Men are protectors, and it never hurts to beef up your survival skills. Women like to talk a big game, but at the end of the day they can’t resist a man who can do things with his hands.
  6. Don’t be a feminist. If feminism means that you believe women have equal rights as men, then sure be a feminist, I’d be surprised if you’re not. But if feminism means that men are inherently bad, that flirting is sexual assault, or that men should apologize for being male, privileged oppressors, then do not be a feminist. You should never have to apologize for your gender, skin color, or status. If you’re privileged, awesome, you can do something great with that. Also, don’t hook up with a die-hard feminist, the risks are too great.
  7. Meet women IRL. Get offline and go meet women in the real world. It is an important skill to be able to approach women, and men are losing their confidence by relying on dating apps. Feeling rusty? Read my post “How Not To Approach Women.”
  8. Consider moving to Middle America. The coastal cities are prohibitively expensive, and unless you have a high salary, you can feel like a hamster running on a wheel. There are many incredible cities in America that can provide more affordable housing, a better quality of life, cheaper taxes, and women who are traditional, want a family, and love a real man. Nashville, Austin, and Atlanta are the first places that come to mind. And if you think the people from here are racist and ignorant, you should really spend some time there before you make those judgment calls. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  9. Stop reading the news. Or at least break your news addiction. News stories highlight what’s wrong with the world, and they’re usually biased. There’s only so much negativity you can read without feeling bummed out. Allow yourself to have no more than one news app on your phone (hopefully, one that is non-partisan) and seriously consider getting off Twitter. Unless you’re a journalist or politician, there’s no reason you should be devouring the news at the rate you’re probably going. So try to tune it out, and that includes your news feed on Facebook. Hopefully, you took my advice from last year to quit social media.

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