Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk makes public the private conversations and debates Dr. G and Margot Loren have before bed, which is a terrible idea if you want to be well-liked. They also spend a lot of time discussing their marriage, psychoanalyzing the people in their lives, and looking at pictures of their dogs even though they are right there in bed with them.

Margot loves to:

  1. Talk about her dermatology wishlist.
  2. Complain about the selfish things people do.
  3. Brag about her real estate “empire.”
  4. Womansplain about how hard it is be an artist while running a household, managing a husband, keeping two dogs alive, and staying hot.
  5. Exclaim “It’s fine, I don’t need friends!”

Dr. G loves to:

  1. Talk about his soccer games and soccer related injuries.
  2. Complain about the raccoons in their trash bin.
  3. Brag about how he only eats one meal a day plus a bagel.
  4. Mansplain ways to kill people with krav maga.
  5. Exclaim “Wait till they see my wife!”
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