Sex Moves And Grooves

Fine Tune Your Sex Playlist

Back in the day, a mix tape was a fine way to woo a girl. Each song you picked set a mood, and the anticipation of what song came next filled your crush with anticipation. A good mixtape swelled to a peak with a satisfying finale that left her wanting more.

A sex playlist is a compilation of moves you use in bed to seduce a woman, and a good sex playlist will keep your woman coming back for more. You may start with a kiss, then move to a massage, then skip ahead to oral, then back to the lips, and so on. If your playlist is well-curated, it can feel as exciting to a woman as it was getting her first mixtape, even if you’ve been with this same woman for years.

Woman want novelty in bed, maybe even more so than men. We’re not expecting you to invent a new move or for every move to go platinum, we’re just asking you to shuffle it up a bit so we don’t get bored. It’s also a good idea to feature our favorite moves and filter out those one star moves (the ones that don’t make us twist and moan). In short, don’t be a broken record in bed. If you keep your sex playlist fresh and fine-tuned to your woman’s desires, she will love making love to you for years to come. Here are a few ideas to keep you inspired.

R&B Moves:

Think smooth, romantic, and tender like a Marvin Gaye song. Set the mood by sponging your woman down in hot bubble bath for two. Then wrap her up in a cozy robe and take her back to your candlelit bedroom for a sensual massage with coconut oil (which is safe to lick). Make the massage progressively more erotic by gently kissing her erogenous zones, eventually introducing your tongue to her most special zone with a warm, wet, and beckoning lick that says “Let’s get it on.”

Hip-Hop Moves:

Women are so strong and independent these days, sometimes it’s nice to feel like her man is in control. Show her who’s boss by introducing your Mr. B.I.G. to your nasty girl with swagger. Be demanding, talk dirty, and put her in submissive positions (within her comfort zone of course). You can also try to switch up the tempo. If you’re typically a quickie kind of guy, try to slow it down and make her wait for it. If you usually go slow and steady, try it quick and dirty.

Pop Moves:

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, and that calls for flirty and playful sex. Get your woman to divulge her favorite sexual fantasy and help her act it out. Or surprise her with a gift box of sexy lingerie, then turn on her favorite sexy music, and let her dance for you. Or if you’ve got the moves, you can dance for her a` la Magic Mike! There’s also a ton of sexy board games and apps to add some fun to your romance, because sometimes that’s all she really wants, some fun.

Punk Moves:

In a lover’s spat, passion and anger become closely intertwined and that makes for great sex. So if your romance tends to run lukewarm, it may be time to rage against the boredom in your bedroom. So sex her up like a Sex Pistol with passion and intensity. Break the rules by breaking up your routine, and try the opposite of your status quo (and that might even mean she gets to dominate this time)!

Rock Moves:

A wild thing knows how to make everything groovy, and a wild card in bed will make your woman sing. Keep her guessing with an expected move or an improvised series of moves that will rock your woman like a Hendrix solo. But keep in mind that being a rockstar in bed is not just about attitude. You have to practice your skills, improve your technique, and push yourself out of your comfort zone if you really want to blow her away with your performance.


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