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Help Your Woman Stay Hot

There’s never a time when your woman works harder at looking her best than the six months leading up to your wedding. On the big day, she’s radiant, beautiful, and fit. Her hair is perfect, her skin is flawless, her nails are manicured, and her legs are shaved. Simply put, your bride is hot, and you think you’ve scored.

Cut to three years later, and things may look a little different. It’s all too easy for your wife to grow complacent about her appearance now that the courtship is over and you’re committed, through sickness and in health, hotness and not hotness.

But the promise of unconditional love is no excuse to let things go. So if your woman has become a bit lax about her looks, or you have a hot woman and want to keep her that way, follow these guidelines to encourage her to stay sexy until death (or divorce) do you part.

How to Encourage Your Woman to Stay Hot:

1. Stay Hot Yourself

Whether it’s conscious or not, one of the biggest reasons women strive to be hot is to compete with other women to attract a mate. Even though she’s captured you, if you continue to remain a stud in her eyes, her competitive juices will continue to flow. So stay on top of your game, and your woman will want to remind you she’s your best option.

2. Make Her Feel Hot

One reason women let themselves go is because they don’t feel sexy anymore. Perhaps this is because they’re spending all their time playing mom, housewife, or career woman, and not enough time role-playing with you. It’s your job to nurture the sexy goddess inside her and remind her how beautiful she is, even if she doesn’t look it at the moment. Also, it’s your responsibility to keep your sex life interesting and love life romantic in order to keep the passion alive.

3. Keep Up Your Social Life

Before your woman shacked up with you, she was probably an expert at getting dolled up to go out on the town. Once you’re a couple, it can be tempting to become homebodies and slip into a nightly routine of sweatpants and loose tees. But if you make the effort to be a social couple, go on weekly dates, and dine with friends, then your woman’s fashionable instincts will stay sharp.

4. Help Her Out Of Mom Mode

Once a couple has kids, sex is one of the first things to go, along with sleep, freedom, and privacy. It’s important not to let your relationship get deprioritized as the responsibilities, worries, and sleep deprivation pile up. Do what you can to support your woman as a mom so that she can have more time and energy to get back to being a woman who is more than just a mom.

5. Be Willing And Able To Pay For It

The unfortunate reality is that natural beauty fades over time. Staying fresh over decades requires a consistent workout regimen, a healthy diet, diligent skin care, a stylish wardrobe, and cosmetic enhancements, such as hair coloring, makeup products, and dermatology. Once your woman is at the age where regular visits with a dermatologist are required, things can add up quickly. Staying beautiful ain’t cheap, but the result is worth it and your libido will thank you.


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