She’s Just Not That Into You

Know The Signs

Nowadays, many women are putting off marriage until their late 20s or 30s in order to focus on their career. While they wait for the ideal time to marry Mr. Right, they are dating around and hooking up with Mr. Good Enough For Now. Sound like a familiar strategy? Men have been doing this for years, and it is only recently that women have been able to play the same game without fear of being scarlet-lettered with a big S. For slut.

Mr. Good Enough For Now provides something that a woman wants to enjoy in the short-term, like uncomplicated sex, distraction from a broken heart, companionship, attention, or entertainment, but NOT love, and marriage, and a baby carriage. You want the same thing from her? Fine, be her lover for the time being. You want more? Then you better find out what you are to her, Mister.

Here’s a quick answer: if you make advances on a woman that you’re dating or you want to date, and she says any version of “I think we should be just friends,” then she’s not that into you.

Avoid the friend zone. Being in a woman’s friend zone is like being the pair of granny panties she has tucked in the back of her panty drawer: she hardly wears them and wouldn’t want to be caught dead in them, but she likes having them around for when she gets backed up on laundry or she’s on her period. Don’t be her period panties.

Here are some more clues she’s just not that into you:

  1. She frequently cancels on you.
  2. She’s “super busy” or “slammed right now.”
  3. She doesn’t want people to know you’re dating.
  4. She says she’s not looking for anything serious right now.
  5. She talks about the other guys she’s dating.
  6. She describe you as “nice” or “sweet.”
  7. She tries to set you up with her friends.

She’s not that into you because:

  1. You’re a beta.
  2. You’re too needy and available.
  3. You’re coming on too strong.
  4. You’re perfect on paper, but there’s no spark.
  5. Your dating market value is less than hers.
  6. You have no money, power, or status.
  7. You’re not the whole package (e.g. hot but dumb).

She keeps you around because:

  1. She’s using you for sex, money, food, shelter, pot, who knows? It’s all bad news for you.
  2. You provide her with ”safe” sex- not just because you use a condom, but because you are non-threatening emotionally and physically.
  3. She’s enjoying the free dinners.
  4. She’s feeling rebellious, and her parents will hate you.
  5. She’s heartbroken, and you’re her rebound guy.
  6. She’s lonely, and you’re a great cuddler.
  7. She’s horny, and you’re convenient.

There are so many reasons that a girl might not be into you, and none of them really matter. Take it as feedback, but don’t take it personally. If she’s just not that into you, then your best option is to move on. If you really think there’s a still a chance, then you can try to up your game and see if she becomes more receptive.


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