The 7 Actors In The Fall Of An Empire

Which Role Will You Play?

The Savage:

Role: Savages are low IQ social dependents, criminals, radicals, and/or terrorists. They have a “live fast, die young” life strategy.

Core Values: Savages want to work less and play more. They’d rather blame others for their problems than take responsibility for their lives. They feel entitled to free money and don’t want to be held accountable for their criminal behavior.

Spirit Animal: Hyena

Purpose: Savages pursue self-gratification.

Methods: Savages act out with violence, rioting, vandalism, and criminality. 

Consequence: Savages create chaos, destroy cities, and empower the Mob by instilling fear in the Sheep.

Outcome: Savages sacrifice the safety and upward mobility of their own community for personal gain.

The Sheep:

Role: In a thriving nation, the Sheep are the core of the country. They are the hardworking, law-abiding, and tax-paying citizens that make up the middle class. Good leaders make the nation safe for Sheep and in turn the Sheep make a valuable contribution to society. But in a failing nation-state, the Sheep are the followers, conformists, and bystanders that allow a nation to fall unless they step up.

Core Values: The Sheep care about career and family.

Spirit Animal: Sheep, of course.

Purpose: Sheep work hard to provide for their family and raise their children in safe neighborhoods with good schools.

Methods: In times of crisis, the Sheep will submit, apologize, appease the Mob, and avoid confrontation with the Savages.

Consequence: When the Sheep surrender, the Mob becomes even more emboldened. Wealthy Sheep flee the urban areas destroyed by the Savages, and cities fall into further decline. Some lucky Sheep go unnoticed, others get crucified despite abject submission. 

Outcome: The Sheep sacrifice dignity for safety.

The Mob:

Role: The Mob consists of the thought police, social justice warriors, journalists, politicians, activists, celebrities, educators, brainwashed students, diversity bureaucrats, the list goes on. They are highly educated but not as smart as they think they are.

Core Values: The Mob craves status and popularity.

Spirit Animal: Pig

Purpose: The Mob consists of strivers who need to be liked. They are slurping up the Parasite’s Kool-Aid. They are gluttons for attention and they love to squeal about their victimized status. They are hungry to rise up in the ranks of the totalitarian regime and convert others into their cult of thought. They are our modern day witch-hunters.

Methods: Some of the Mob’s favorite strategies are shaming, gaslighting, virtue-signaling, and “canceling” dissidents.

Consequence: The most outspoken members of the Mob are rewarded with titles, status, and authority. The Parasites spread their message through the many bureaucratic channels administered by the Pigs. Art is replaced with propaganda, truth is censored, justice is corrupted, and beauty is banished. We enter a dark age. The Pigs’ protests overwhelm law-enforcement, government, and military structures like a zombie apocalypse but with pigs, oink oink! 

Outcome: The Pig sacrifices integrity for popularity.

The Warrior:

Role: The Warriors are our fathers, soldiers, police, and patriots. They are the protectors of women, children, and national security.

Core Values: The Warriors provide for their families, strive to live honest lives, and take pride in their heritage.

Spirit Animal: Lion

Purpose: Warriors fight for freedom and sovereignty.

Methods: The Warriors carry out the vision of the leaders in a strategic and effective manner. They stand up for what is right and use force only when necessary.

Consequence: The nation remains safe, the family is protected, and the next generation has a better life.

Outcome: The Warrior sacrifices personal safety for the greater good.

The Guardian:

Role: The Guardians are the matriarchs of society. They are the nurturers, caretakers of the warriors, and community organizers that operate behind the scenes. They are the guardians of hearth and home. 

Core Values: They Guardians prioritize faith, family, and love.

Spirit Animal: Lioness

Purpose: The Guardians are the heart and soul of the nation.

Methods: The Guardians honor their heritage and keep tradition. They raise good and honest children and give back to the community.

Consequence: The Guardians keep families and communities intact. They remind us why our nation is worth fighting for. 

Outcome: The Guardian sacrifices personal ambition for family.

The Parasite:

Role: The Parasites are part of an ethnocentric outsider group that make a coordinated effort to insidiously overtake a host country by undermining its core systems, i.e. the media, universities, economy, technology, and government. They are typically wealthy, immoral, and have a high IQ.

Spirit Animal: Rat

Core Values: A Parasite seeks money and power.

Purpose: Parasites are the architects of the great brainwashing which the Mob has rebranded as the “Great Awokening.” They are the masterminds that led the western world into a trance. In geek speak, the parasites are the creators of The Matrix. 

Methods: The Parasites capitalize on their intelligence, wealth, and vast interconnected network to acquire positions of power and influence. Parasites control the minds of the weak to gain world dominance. They are the puppet masters that manipulate the Mob and Savages to do their dirty work. 

Consequence: to expel them and reclaim their nation.

Outcome: The Parasite sacrifices morality for money, power, and revenge.

The Leader:

Role: The Leaders are the public intellectuals, artists, and free thinkers who speak the truth. They see the world clearly and are highly intelligent visionaries. The Leader is the nemesis of the Parasite.

Core Values: The Leaders are the most dedicated students of truth which in turn makes them the teachers of wisdom. They are the awakened messengers who can free the minds of those still ensorcelled by the Parasites.

Spirit Animal: Eagle

Purpose: The Eagle seeks to guide society to enlightenment. They will inform the people when and why their society is collapsing and will help a fallen nation rise from the ashes like a phoenix. 

Methods: The Eagle observes from above. They have a great understanding of human nature and have a keen sense as to which direction will guide the nation to greatness. They also act as a role model and will never surrender. 

Consequence: The Eagle lives a life of integrity, courage, and service which inspires others to do the same.

Outcome: The Eagle sacrifices anonymity, reputation, and safety for the greater good.


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